Restoration of a children’s rocking chair and an antique doll high chair, customized with hand painted illustrations and lettering.



Restoration of my family’s nineteen-twenties Arts and Crafts home, including demolition, sheetrock, plastering, painting and designing all by hand. Architect, Earl Hallenbeck built the house, unfortunately not many photographs were taken prior to restoration.

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The living room was the first space completed, inspiration coming from the warm and clean cut lines of the American Craftsman movement. The dining room was next, with a redesign in a deep rich plum and silver stenciling. The first bedroom took on a victorian style, since this was my room. Inspiration of ceiling stenciling came from 1950’s silver designed wallpaper that was discovered under the drop ceilings. The first spare bedroom was designed with a fairytale theme in mind and inspired by shabby chic style. The second spare bedroom was a complete experiment, but driven with my vision of a unique diamond design. The office combined colors from neighboring rooms, I created a victorian design through stenciling.

I enjoyed the entire process of seeing a project all the way through and how hands-on this was. I found it an extremely rewarding experience and a new way of thinking to apply design in an environment rather than the two-dimension. After studying Psychology in college, I might have done things differently but found this project freeing and a tangible way to express myself at the time. I became more confident and willing to experiment with ideas more as the house progressed. I am thankful I got this opportunity and continue to learn from what I did here, applying a range of elements such as; color perception theory, to composition and movement to my design practices today.