Onia App

Designs for Onia’s 2021 collections including; newly launched app, website, emails, lookbook, advertisements and packaging.

Click here to download the iOS App.

Click here to download the Android App.

Design Direction of E-Commerce Website — implemented alternating announcement bar at the top of all pages allowed us to highlight key features in prime real estate at the top of the website, where all visitors see.


Email Marketing featuring the rich vibrant colors of the season:

Sale’s department lookbook spreads:


Static Advertisements for tier 1 — strictly showcasing the brand:


Shipment packaging presented as a gift of modern luxury:

Designs for Onia’s blog; Brief consisting of Instagram stories and email campaigns. Elevating the brand to incorporate story-telling, giving the products life.


Social Media thumbnail layouts for social media identity:


Finalized Social Media feature:


Email Marketing to subscribers:

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