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Designs for Onia’s 2021 collections including; newly launched app, website, emails, lookbook, advertisements and packaging.

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Conducted UX research for the shopping application with internal alpha testing, stakeholders and developers before launching, then external beta testing for the public marketing release launch. Process of simple wireframing done on paper, digital prototypes done in Sketch, information architecture to establish the framework structure of the app and final build done in Shopify’s Tapcart plugin, with customizations.

Design Direction of E-Commerce Website — implemented alternating announcement bar at the top of all pages allowed us to highlight key features in prime real estate at the top of the website, where all visitors see.


Email Marketing featuring the rich vibrant colors of the season:

Sale’s department lookbook spreads:


Static Advertisements for tier 1 — strictly showcasing the brand:


Shipment packaging presented as a gift of modern luxury:


Designs for Onia’s 2019 collections, including collaboration with Mr Porter and non-profits; Every Mother Counts and Surfrider. Featured work includes wheat pasting posters, social media and email marketing, website design optimization for PCP filters, advertisements and printed materials to accompany shipment orders and vendor signage.


Wheat paste street art posters in Manhattan and Brooklyn:


Social media campaigns for product knowledge and in collaboration with Every Mother Counts:


Email Marketing for the safari collection, collaborations with Every Mother Counts, Surfrider and Mr Porter:


Mobile Filter design for PCP:


Advertisements found to be the best performing; in-feed and story:


Printed receipt holder for customer shipment orders:


Vendor Signage at ba&sh Hampton:

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