With upcoming seasons approaching and a mixture of new customers shopping due to COVID, Onia’s e-commerce website was in need of new features as there is no in-person shopping experience for the brand. Product knowledge, mobile optimization, search engine optimization, interactivity and color were the objective. Projects shown illustrate usability improvements, email marketing and complementary canvas tote bag designs.

Category filters create a more engaging way to educate the user with knowledge of the products. Each filter is accompanied by a stylized banner, displaying information on that category and a closer detailed look at the fabric.


Interchangeable website modules serve two purposes; to create a seamless transition for not only the team, but also the user. By having these set modules, I found we could quickly turnover updated website designs to feature new, or varying aspects of products and still have it refreshed with a different order of modules. For returning customers, this is similar to the layout or set-up of a storefront changing seasonally. I wanted the e-commerce website to have the same branded feel, but still capture the viewer’s attention by keeping them engaged and inclined to come back to see what’s new.


Responsive interactive website elements give the user an engaging, playful and memorable shopping experience. I find an adaptive design approach for desktop, tablet and mobile device users the most beneficial. Horizontal scrolling banners provide a new visual and interactive paradigm for the user.


I expanded on this capability by incorporating it into both image banners and the product flats module. The image banners allowed me to highlight collections and fabric details, while the product flats create visual attraction of the collection as a whole, resulting in the purchase of more items to complete a look.


Email Marketing for the upcoming seasons:


Branded Canvas Tote Bag Iterations to be included as a complementary gift to our valued customers:

Final Canvas Tote Design:


Designs for Onia’s 2020 collections including; website design, email marketing, newly launched text message alerts, advertisements, social media assets and packaging. We were pleased to participate in BestKeptSecret’s flash event to raise funds for non-profits; Baby2Baby and Know Your Rights Camp, see email marketing.


Website PCP Banners shown below as campaign videos, but can be swapped out to feature a sale or accompanying beachwear and accessories as add-on items:



Website Homepage Layouts creating a balance for shopping men’s or women’s classic collections:



Email Marketing featuring best-selling pieces of the season, as well as BestKeptSecret’s flash event to raise funds for non-profits; Baby2Baby and Know Your Rights Camp:


Text Message Alert:


Static Advertisements for tier 1 — strictly showcasing the brand:

Social Media story to educate customer’s featuring a new swimsuit:


Shipment packaging presented as a gift of modern luxury:

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