Nonprofit Rebrand Strategy

As Team Lead, my role was to manage the project’s scope and deliverables. I worked with a local nonprofit; the Oasis Alliance, to iron out the project details and form a concise creative brief. It was my responsibility to oversee the members of my creative team, inform them of expectations and objectives, assign tasks to best fit each designer and positively motivate the group to cultivate a collaborative environment, effectively reaching all goals in a short timeframe.

Client: The Oasis Alliance brightens the lives of trauma survivors by co-designing personalized spaces that encourage and support recovery, growth, and mental well-being. Most people believe that interior design is a luxury. We believe that interior design is an underutilized tool to empower, encourage and resurrect people at their lowest point. When we live in personalized spaces that affirm our humanity, we feel important—a major first step in moving past trauma and loss.

Brief: The OA is a BIPOC led non profit organization that creates healing spaces for trauma survivors. The Oasis Alliance envisions a world where every trauma survivor has a dignified place of refuge to refuel and recharge. Frustrations; fundraising—help getting donations on a regular basis.

Deliverables: -Brand identity update -Icon set -Social media strategy plan and templates -Email template banner -Print flier, poster and brochure tri-fold pamphlet -Tee-shirt designs for staff and volunteers -Donation fundraising established on social media channels

Project Tone: -Vibrant colors/Bold patterns -Cultural/Community oriented -Natural elements -Mental wellness -Artistic/Interior design -Welcoming/Positive -Healing spaces Audience: -Survivors of trauma -BIPOC community -Fundraiser partners and sponsors -Art and interior design community -Local community; Washington, DC, Virginia and Maryland

Color Palette of yellow, blue, teal and purple.

Branding logo type variations.

Branding typography guidelines featuring Monsterrat sans-serif and Lora serif fonts.

Brand mood board of greens, blues and oranges. Plants, iconography, layers of cut-paper and watercolor inspiration quotes shown.

Illustrations of five potted plants, center one having the Oasis Alliance logo marked on the pot.

Color gradient panels in purple, yellow and blue shades.

Stock imagery of paint textures, plants, a family embracing and the sunrise.

Iconography for social media highlights.

Facebook and Youtube profile banners that read; Oasis (noun) A place preserved from surrounding unpleasantness; a refuge.

Spreadsheet of content calendar post themes for social media.

Social media content posts about the mission of the Oasis Alliance, how they work, promotion for volunteering and donations.

Social media content about the benefits of houseplants.

Social media content of statistical data percentages pertaining to homelessness, sexual abuse, domestic violence and transitional housing.

Social media content showing volunteer spotlight, meet the board and testimonials.

Social media content of donation, fundraising events and publication features.

Social media content of wellness Wednesday posts.

Social media content of national holidays to bring awareness.

Social media content of colorful portrait story features.

Email header banners for the Oasis Alliance, logo branding with different color backgrounds on six options.

Printed flyers in 5.5 inches by 8.5 inches and 8.5 inches by 11 inches.

Printed tri-fold brochure 11 inches by 8.5 inches.

Merchandise tee-shirt design of The Oasis Alliance on front and either Staff or Volunteer on back with potted plant.

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